About Our Stores

No Stranger to our beloved community, Miss Fontana considers herself a Quogue native calling Quogue Village her home since 1990. Her store The Lily Pad, established in 2009, quickly became the local Quogue Shop for all things Quogue and beyond. Lasting friendships and business relationships have been cultivated over Miss Fontana’s 25 years in the Village of Quogue. Most saw our business endeavor to be not just a curious little store, but has been defined by many as the “Quogue Concierge.”

Our online Quogue Shop consists of four different enterprises. The Quogue Shop itself, The Lily Pad, Mr. Q, and our newest addition Little Q.

Quogue Shop is the perfect place for all things Quogue and beyond. In addition, we are specialists for all of your party favors and special events; no order is too large or small for us to handle. When visiting, it’s plain to see that the store is always evolving, changing and bringing in new, fresh products for every season. Whether one is purchasing Quogue flipflops or Quogue mittons, the Quogue shop is the perfect store all seasons; open year round. During high season, we are open 7 days a week.

The Lily Pad is the perfect place for specialized gifts for people of all ages. We have bubbles and balloons, lily pops and lily bubble gum for our local children, and also a cool Quogue hat for multi-generations.

Mr. Q, an upscale boutique for dads and dudes, surfers and sirs, is located on the corner of Quogue Street and Jessup Avenue in the newly formed Quogue Triangle. Mr. Q carries over half a dozen of the preppiest American companies in the Industry. After viewing our vender’s website, place your order at Mr. Q for specialized service with a high customer service level. Shop locally with us; save on shipping.

Smathers and Branson
Three Islands
Southern Proper
Southern Tide
Southern Marsh
Collard Greens

Little Q, our newest addition, finishes the fourth corner of our Quogue empire. We teamed up with Sandy Toes of East Quogue and brought Kirsten Montgomery’s vision to Quogue, hence Little Q. We sell upscale infant and baby clothes. We have everything from receiving outfits to back to school clothes and beautiful holiday dresses. Little Q is the perfect place for special gifts for children and babies.